A matching wallet!

So, since I was still in a sewing mood, and I had plenty of that fabric left over, I decided to make a wallet to go with my new bag. ^^

Here are most of the pieces all cut out.


And here is the main body and pockets pinned together.


Here it is actually sewn together. It’s a bit difficult to see, but there are a total of three cash sized pockets and six card slots.


Here is the outside! I love that embroidered fabric, I want to put it on everything! The little button is decorative, and made of wood, and the tiny heart locket is one that I got from a pen pal in a Valentine’s letter. ^^


Here is a closeup of the accent.



A Handmade Bag

I’ve still got some time off for maternity leave, and the Little One was sleeping very well this morning, so I had some time to work on a little project I’ve been wanting to make! Just a bag for myself. ^^

I’ve been wanting to make a bag out of some cute fabric I had lying around, which is big enough to carry all of the things I like to have on hand. Who here carries way too much, just in case? ^^ Laptop, sketchbook, watercolors, camera, etc…

I live blogged this process as well, but here is is consolidated and with a little more explanation.

(Ah, and the camera app I have is called Candy, and they put their logo on the bottom of the pictures.)

Here are the fabrics I used: a dark green corduroy, a white embroidered cotton, and two patterned cottons. My plan was to make a two pocket bag with a big shoulder strap and a flip-over cover.



This is the sewing machine I used! It was a lovely gift from my family a few years ago, and it works wonderfully.


Here are the inner pockets sewn together and laid out flat. I chose the corduroy for the inside because I wanted something soft for when I carry electronics around.


Here is the outer shell. I love this fabric pattern! And I knew I wanted the bottom, sides and strap to be the same design, the embroidery.


Here is the strap, with the other cotton inside as a lining.


And here it is completed! I might add some sort of buttons or clasp to close the bag more securely, but it is pretty convenient to be able to easily access the inside.


Art Monday

I’ve decided in order to motivate myself to practice more, every Monday I’ll post here the art I’ve done throughout the week. It won’t be super high quality photos, just little snaps of my progress.

Please enjoy!

(And of course, I put all of my art on the Art tab up there as well, if anyone ever wants to see it in one place.)

The first page in the little travel watercolor notebook I got. ^^ I was really motivated to draw nature this week!
My parents have one of these plants in their sitting room, and I love all of the different colored berries.
A sunflower, of sorts.
A baby deer, because of course they’re adorable, and I need more practice drawing animals.

Cute Stationery

Hello everyone! Long time no see! ^^ I’ve had a nice break from posts after my month of Mori stuff, and now I’m back with just a little thing. My MIL sent me some super cute stationery for Christmas! It’s from a company I hadn’t heard of, so I thought I would post it up here.

wp-1450874143723.jpg wp-1450874168740.jpg wp-1450874163010.jpg wp-1450874158922.jpg wp-1450874154740.jpg wp-1450874150249.jpg

I love the shape of the envelopes, and I can’t wait to use them! ^^

Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone is having a very spooky day! I just wanted to show some pictures of a gingerbread haunted house kit I found. ^^

Here are all of the supplies that came with the kit.
Here is the basic construction done.
And here is a spooky picture of it completed! ^^
I like my ghost. XD